'Need a Paint' Wallpapering

Wallpaper is a terrific way to groom your room. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, Need a Paint is able to assist you to create a new small project that will modernise the look of your property.

But like any home improvement project, preparation is key. At Need a Paint we will make sure the walls will be both flat and clean. Our wallpaper jobs present no bubbles, no messy glues, giving your room a fresh new look, transforming your walls into a work of art!

Measuring correctly your room is very important

  1. Measure the width and height of each wall in the room to come up with the square footage.
  2. Do not forget the measure the square footage of areas that won't be covered by the paper, such as windows, air-conditioners, doors, etc.
  3. Most wallpaper rolls are 56 square feet. If you are buying your own wallpaper, bear in mind that there is a normal waste of approximately 18%, which means that you will get only about 46 square feet per roll. So make sure you overestimate your calculations to not run out of paper.

If you like to use Patterns

  • A horizontal pattern can make your room look wider - they are great options for narrower rooms.
  • Vertical patterns give the impression of height to a room - preferred patterns to be used on low ceilings, or intensifying the look of high ceilings.
  • Please note: if your walls and/or ceilings aren't perfectly squared, you may rethink the use of horizontal or vertical patterns, as the final results are not going to be achieved on the same way.

Other factors

Depending on the paper you choose (paper, vinyl or another material), adhesives/glue vary, and the wallpaper may not hold properly. Therefore, by providing us with your wallpaper specifications we will buy the right adhesive for the job.

Get inspired and decorate your home - contact us today for a free consultation & quote.

Wallpapering jobs completed by Need a Paint

  • Cabarita Beach Club (Cabarita NSW),
  • Ivory Hotel (Tweed Heads NSW),
  • ZURI Lounge (Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD),
  • Elithium Bar - photo on the left (Lakeside, Victoria Point QLD), and
  • Other small business and residential

See finished jobs at our Photo Gallery.

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1. Wallpapering Cloud Nine Hair Salon - Palm Beach

2. Wallpapering Design Bathrooms - Tweed Hair

3. Wallpapering Kids Bedroom - Currumbin Beach

Rod putting wallpaper on bedroom wall
Hair Saloon Palm Beach Wallpaper
Wallpaper on Living Room
Black and White Spirals Wallpaper
Pink Clouds Wallpaper on bedroom in Currumbin Waters


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