Need A Paint - General Maintenance Gold Coast
Need A Paint - General Maintenance Gold Coast

General Maintenance

'Need a Paint' - General Maintenance Gold Coast

Roofing Repairs

Constant exposure to the elements can cause tiles to fade, mildew to form and broken tiles to appear. Painting and fixing cracks on your roof will provide you a better insulation from external weather, prevent water leaks, which can damage your ceilings and/or floors, and in addition to that, it will provide the modern and fresh look that will make your property increase its value.

Need a Paint will repair or replace your cracked tiles, and add 1 x sealer and 2 x topcoasts. We are able to colour match the new paint to your roof, using your original painting codes. However, by only doing a touch-up, bear in mind that the new paint may not match other faded parts of the roof. Therefore, in some cases, we recommend a full roof fresh spray when fixing a damaged roof.

And, in the instance you have a Ceiling damaged due to Roof leaks, Need a Paint can repair and repaint it (see below).


Repaint Specialist

Need a Paint has an extensive experience in renovations, repairs and work defect, being a repaint specialist for interiors and exteriors.

Need a Paint will repair your walls and ceilings by sealing the affected area, and: 

  • Plastering (interiors walls and ceilings), or
  • Rendering (exteriors walls), and
  • Repainting it.


Mildew, Mould and Fungus on Walls or Ceilings (interiors)

Mildew, mould and/or fungus might grow in rooms with high humidity. Need a Paint will clean the afected surface, and reapaint it with paints containing microban. 

Microban paint provides antimicrobial protection, which prevents the regrowth of mildew, mould and fungus on your walls and ceilings. 


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Flake Ceiling Repair and Repaint


No job it too small job for Need a Paint, your satisifaction is guaranteed.

Roofing/Exterior Wall Rust Restoration
Roofing/Exterior Wall Rust Restoration
Need A Paint - Plastering and Repaint Gold Coast
Need A Paint - Plastering and Repaint Gold Coast
Need A Paint - Ceiling Repair Gold Coast
Need A Paint - Ceiling Repair Gold Coast


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